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Enjoy Today – Word Art Quilt

Hey quilty friends, I want to introduce you to my Enjoy Today quilt! Julie Cefalu over at The Crafty Quilter has been doing a Disappearing 9-Patch Quilt Along the past month or so, and I’ve been having some major quilt envy, loving all the pictures on her blog and in her Instagram feed.

Borders are on the Enjoy Today quilt

It’s not quilted yet and the poor thing looks extremely wrinkled in this picture, but I love it! It went together so quickly, and Julie gave great instructions, which I merely changed a bit to add my applique strip and lengthen it. I’ve decided to join her link party, so if you want to see several other quilts, head over there and check them out!

contents of the FQS June 2019 Sew Sampler box

Several things happened that led to me to creating this quilt. First, about the time the quilt along was starting, I got my Fat Quarter Shop Sew Sampler Box for June. I was over the moon about everything in it, but I’ll write more about that in another post. The important thing to know for this story is that the Enjoy Today quilt is made with five-inch squares. Do you see those two gorgeous charm packs that came in June’s box? How awesome is that???!!!!

fabric selection for the Enjoy Today quilt

I could hardly wait to tear into those packs. I primarily used the Walkabout charm pack by Sherri and Chelsi for Moda, but ended up adding a few pieces from the Strawberry and Jam charm pack by Corey Yoder for Moda. I cut some additional navy print squares from fabrics in my stash and used Moda Bella Solid 9900-97 yardage to cut 5″ white background squares. Having the precuts really moved things along!

Organizing fabric into blocks

organizing fabric for the Enjoy Today quilt blocks

My first step was to arrange all my squares into 9-patch blocks, then stack them into one giant pile for chain piecing.

ironing blocks for the Enjoy Today quilt

Quickly, rows were sewn together, pressed and became blocks. That’s when the magic happened.

Disaappearing 9-patch quilt block in the making for the Enjoy Today quilt.

Each block was cut in half twice, making the original nine-patch dissapear!

Disaappearing 9-patch quilt blocks being assembled making for the Enjoy Today quilt.

All the newly formed blocks were reassembled into a quilt formation (umpteen times, I might add, as I couldn’t make up my mind). It was at this point I did have to make one important decision. Length. I had chosen to make the smallest quilt Julie showed on her web site, but I really wanted a rectanglular rather than a square quilt. I had used up all the charm squares that coordinated from the original two charm packs.

Making the quilt longer

I like word art. I don’t really want it in frames, hanging on the walls, not easily (or cheaply) replaced as often as I choose, so I like to make it in fabric. That seemed the perfect thing to do for this quilt.

Making the applique strip for the Enjoy Today quilt

I chose my words “Enjoy Today” created them on the computer, and then using fusible applique made an extra “row” for my quilt. It really makes me happy just looking at it. I’m thinking I’ll use this saying on more quilts in the future for charity quilt donations.

Enjoy Today quilt coming together in the sewing room

Next, there was more digging through my fabric closet spare bedroom, to find border fabric, and I chose Dots from Fig Tree Quilts for Moda (I have a lot of Moda….). To be honest, I really, really like it without the borders. I may try the next one with background fabric continuing into the borders rather than a printed fabric.

choosing border fabric for the Enjoy Today quilt

More stash fabric was auditioned for binding.

Binding fabric selection for the Enjoy Today quilt

Final binding selection I think is a really vintage piece, lol! I don’t remember this line, but I’ve always loved Blackbird Designs, so Rhubarb & Ginger it is – once quilted I think this will frame everything nicely.

choosing binding for the Enjoy Today quilt

I totally forgot to take a picture of my backing, but I’ll show it when I’m done with the quilting. At the moment, my pineapple quilt is completely assembled and on the longarm. Then I stopped. Terrified. It’s gorgeous, folks, but I have no idea what to quilt on it. I’m such a novice longarm quilter and completely froze, not wanting to mess it up! That’s why this lovely disappearing nine-patch was a welcome distraction.

Borders are on the Enjoy Today quilt

Next week I’ll share my finished quilt and, for anyone interested, I’ll be writing a detailed post about how I made the Enjoy Today applique piece and changes to the quilt, as well as a downloadable PDF available of the lettering.


    1. Theresa, thanks for asking!! That poor thing has been on my longarm for nearly two weeks completely neglected while I worked on other projects but, in all honesty, because I had no idea what style to quilt it. I finally just did it scared, lol, and spent the past two days quilting it, finishing it last night. I will be binding it and sharing it in the next few days, so stay tuned!!

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