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If you are stopping by to see the Cake Mix Taffy Quilt, then you’re in the right place. Welcome to Cake Mix Monday with the Fat Quarter Shop!! I’m telling you now – this book is awesome. Published by It’s Sew Emma Patterns, it has 16 different quilt designs to coordinate with the eight available Cake Mix Recipes from Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. The instructions are great, and the pictures are beautiful. I love a book with pretty pics!

Cake Mix Taffy Quilt │Out of the Blue Quilts

A Little History

For me, the printed paper foundations are a joy. I’ve had a long-time love with speed methods of piecing, whether it be from printed papers or drawing your own, like the Speedy 8 Method I used in the Snapshots Quilt Along here and here and again in the Patchwork Quilt Along. I still remember one of my first quilting books was Debbie Mumm’s Quick Country Quilting published in 1995 and on page 12 (I linked the preview of the book, scroll down if you look at it) she shows how to make Speedy Triangles by drawing a grid on your fabric. I was hooked. Once companies started making pre-printed papers life just got better.Cake Mix Taffy Quilt │Out of the Blue QuiltsWhat makes the Cake Mix Recipes so great is you’re creating different sized blocks from one paper. This was new to me, and it’s so convenient. Then, having The Cake Mix Quilt Book Volume One provide so many block options…well, all I can say is I hope there’s a Volume Two in the works!

The Process

For the Cake Mix Taffy quilt, I used Recipe 2, and each paper created 12 half square triangles of two different sizes, totaling 384 HSTs. I like sewing in an assembly line method.  After sewing, cutting, then removing the Recipe papers, I stack all my HSTs by color.

Cake Mix Taffy Quilt │ Out of the Blue Quilts

Next I laid out blocks as shown below. First one entire block….then a second on top of it, then a third…until all 16 blocks were stacked in this one pile. Here, I still have the smaller sized, gray print HSTs (shown in upper left corner of the pic) to be stacked on top of the red grid print HSTs.

Cake Mix Taffy Quilt │ Out of the Blue Quilts

Next came a lot of pinning….

Cake Mix Taffy Quilt │ Out of the Blue Quilts

and chain piecing….

Cake Mix Taffy Quilt │ Out of the Blue Quilts

and assembling…

Cake Mix Taffy Quilt │ Out of the Blue Quilts

…building the blocks in sections, then quarters, then halves, then wholes.

Cake Mix Taffy Quilt │ Out of the Blue Quilts

The Recipe method helps getting those points to match!

Cake Mix Taffy Quilt │ Out of the Blue Quilts

The fabric I used for the Cake Mix Taffy quilt is Flower Mill by Corey Yoder for Moda Fabrics. I even had some leftovers, and can’t wait to use them in another project. For the binding I used a Flower Mill multi-color, striped print cut on the bias. And here’s my quilt! Thanks for letting share my Cake Mix Taffy Quilt experience with you!

Cake Mix Taffy Quilt │ Out of the Blue Quilts

Don’t forget to check back with the Fat Quarter Shop each Monday to see everyone quilting along. In February, I get to show you the Buttercream quilt!

Cake Mix Book QAL │ Out of the Blue Quilts


  1. Love your choice of fabric for your Cake Mix quilt. Love all of Corey’s fabric designs. Just have to ask if you meant to have one block turned different than all the others? I actually like that it is unique. Well done, beautiful quilt!!!

    1. Melanie! Lol, I did NOT plan that! Good eye! Somehow it got turned a quarter in the assembly process and slipped right past me. 😉 Thanks for the comment and I have to say, I’m totally hooked on Corey’s fabrics, now, too.

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