Spring clean your sewing machine

I always feel like April 1 is the beginning of spring. I’ve filed my taxes, started cleaning flower beds, and I’m beginning to put out Easter decorations. It also makes it time to give the sewing room a thorough cleaning and that includes my machine. I am one of those people that cleans it a lot, not just between projects.

I can hear when the machine is getting too much lint in the bobbin case. It makes a different sound….a clicking. Not sure if that happens to anyone else, but it’s a sure sign that my machine is saying “Whoa!!!!! Get the brush out!” In my case, I use an artist paint brush, preferring the softer bristles because they slide into tighter, hard to reach areas.  Today, I found this great video on Bernina’s web site. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the sewing machine manufacturer’s have similar videos or tutorials, and it’s nice to get a refresher to make sure we’re not overlooking anything.

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