Remember those you love this Memorial Day


I’ve been gone so long from here that it’s really difficult to get started writing again. April and May were unusual months for us. Sadly, the same day I did my radio show for Pat Sloan, I made my usual evening visit to my mother-in-law who was rehabilitating at a nearby nursing home, preparing to come home soon. Every Monday, we had “date night” which included snacks and watching Dancing With the Stars, one of her favorite shows. After I left, she unexpectedly became ill, resulting in aspiration pneumonia and after a week in the hospital with family and friends hovering close by, she passed away. The next several weeks were a blur as we have made the adjustment of not having her with us.

This Memorial Day holds an extra special meaning as our family remembers all those who have passed, but especially both of my mothers who were here last Memorial Day, and are gone this year. I don’t look at it as a sad time, though. With all our family gathered close for the weekend, I love the feeling of celebration it brings, as we remember all the love and joy from times past and the new memories being made this weekend. A Happy Memorial Day to all of you as you celebrate the love and memories of those you have known and lost!


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