Snapshots Quilt-Along Mini Quilt Block 5

Welcome, my friends! Today’s post is brief, to provide you this month’s measurements for the mini version of  Fat Quarter Shop’s Snapshots Quilt-Along Block Five, Kindred Kitchen.  I know when I started on Block 1, I was vowing to work out of my stash…oh my. Broke down on that resolution, but I did make it to May before I had to get some! More about that later. It’s after 1am in Kansas, and time for me to get some shut eye. I’ll be back to visit soon, but in the meantime, happy sewing!



  1. Thank you! I’m almost glad that we are going to have a rainy weekend so that I won’t feel guilty staying in the house to work on this!!

    1. I feel the same way! It’s thundering and sprinkling outside, and although I have a flat full of plants waiting to be put in the ground, I’m doing a little happy dance on this side of the screen. Looks like I will have to stay inside and sew instead! ♥

  2. Thank you Sondra! I have been trying to sign up to follow you via email but every time I fill out your form it says an error has occurred. Would you be kind enough to add me to your followers please?

    Thanks again and Happy Sewing!

  3. Hi Sondra,
    It’s Rita. Thank you for shipping your patterns so quickly. I just saw a post on Pinterest that you are doing the Mini Version of the Snapshot quilt. I have the large one hanging in the shop. How do I get the sizes for the first 5 blocks?

    1. Hi again, Rita! I did do a mini version of Snapshots! If you click on the Sew Alongs menu link at the top of my web site, you can select Snapshots. It will show all the blog posts for each month of the Sew Along, which include a download each month for the Mini version. You can also get to the downloads through my Mini Snapshots page on Pinterest by clicking HERE.

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