Snapshots Quilt-Along Mini Quilt Backing & Camera


Welcome to the backing instructions for the mini version of the Snapshots Quilt-Along! If you didn’t already love all the blocks on the front of the quilt, take a look at the back. I ♥ this quilt. So does Sylvia (the cat). Being an avid typography fan, I got carried away and added applique. I was having a hashtag moment, I guess, after playing on Instagram and Twitter while working on this quilt. Does anyone else get lost for ages skimming through social media feeds? So addictive!


The instructions for this will get spread across the next few blog posts, as this is a busy week on the blog. Today I will provide you with the measurements for the backing and camera block, so you can start planning and cutting. During the rest of this week, I will have instructions and a download for adding the #snapshots applique, should you choose to use it on your quilt. I also want to share my photo shoot session taken at my family farm, where my sister-in-law Julie Williams helped me by providing a wonderful garden, home and props for the pictures! By the time we had finished, she was starting her own Instagram account, and I can hardly wait until she starts posting pics. I already stalk her on Pinterest! I will also be posting instructions for July’s Up, Up and Away mini block, as well as the mini version measurements for the finishing kit. Busy!


If you haven’t been watching the video tutorials provided by the Fat Quarter Shop, you really should check them out. Not only are they helpful, I enjoy listening to the conversations about the blocks each month.

Lastly, don’t forget to print your instructions and come back for the applique download tomorrow. Enjoy!



  1. Thank you for getting these instructions out so quickly. Love your photo shoot!! How exciting that we are past halfway! I can’t wait to put the top half of the quilt together. How do we see your instagram photos?

    1. It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway…where is this year flying away to?! If you click on the Instagram camera icon in the right column (at the top of this page) it will take you to my page and you can follow me there. Thanks for asking!!

  2. Thanks so much Sondra! I cannot wait to make the mini. I am waiting to do the full one first, to see how much material to purchase for the mini. Might try Camille’s new line of fabric Hello Darling or the new Fig Tree line…The possibilities are endless.Chris

  3. I’m thinking about using the mini camera block for the label on my big quilt. Can you tell me what the dimensions of just the area of the camera are before the borders go on? Thanks! 🙂 I love your mini block quilt – so cute! 🙂

    1. Hi Laurel! I’m sorry I’m so late on a reply. We’ve had a lot of the coughing/cold/flu crud in the house this week! I did the camera full size for the back of the quilt, so it would be too big for a label, but I love the idea! I’ll work on it today, and “mini” size the block and post it this weekend so you can use it!

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