Snapshots Quilt-Along Mini Block 7 Up, Up and Away

Snapshots Quilt Along Mini Quilt Block 7 │Out of the Blue Quilts

Welcome to the Snapshots Quilt-Along Mini Quilt Block 7. Every month the Fat Quarter Shop wows me with this adorable quilt. If you are just starting to follow along, you can get more information here about this free quilt-along. Also, if you need extra assistance, a video is offered each month showing step by step instructions for the full-size version, that you would then apply to this miniature version.


I have to say, this block surprised me. I don’t have any particular affinity to hot air balloons. I’ve never been in one, it’s not on my bucket list of things I want to do, so while I wasn’t disliking the block, I just didn’t have that warm, fuzzy feeling about it.

Until I started cutting and sewing. There’s something magical about taking all those little bits and scraps of fabric and watching them form into something lovely right under you fingertips. Pure magic. And then it happens….I find myself loving a hot air balloon, even if it’s in quilt block form, rather than reality. Still haven’t added the real thing to my bucket list, but I’m glad I made the block.

Just a quick note for anyone making the mini. When you reach Page 3 of your instructions, bottom of Column 1, assembling Blocks E, F and J, you will need to trim your seam allowances to one-eighth (⅛) inch. Can’t wait to see your blocks!

Snapshots Quilt Along Mini Quilt Block 7 │Out of the Blue Quilts


  1. You should definitely put a hot air balloon ride on your bucket list. I wasn’t too excited about it either until my DH got me a ride for my birthday. So peaceful and a great view too. A must do!!

    1. Kirstin, I can honestly say it’s not something I’ve ever considered, but sitting here thinking about it….I bet it would be a blast! Might have to talk to my DH about the idea – thanks!

  2. I love this block, I want to us it as a nicu quilt, but am having a problem finding the pattern. Can you help?

    1. I’d be happy to help! All of the original sized block patterns are available at the Fat Quarter Shop Snapshots page: . If you choose to make the miniature version that I show here, you will use FQS’s pattern and instructions and replace their cutting sizes with those I provide. Let me know if you need anything else – good luck! Love the idea of a NICU quilt!

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