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Last weekend was Fall Festival here in the small town of Sedgwick, KS. The weather was perfect, the temperature having dropped enough to hint at autumn. And what would a festival of any sort be without funnel cake? Yum! Saturday is my weekly weigh in at Weight Watchers, so we’ll see how that goes a few hours from now. If you don’t write down the points, do they count? lol!

Anyway, that was last Saturday afternoon, followed by an evening street dance and then Sunday we headed to our friends, Kurt and Shari, for his birthday luncheon.

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The cooler weather kind of gives me the itch to start decorating. Normally I hold out until October for pumpkins but this year….Shari’s front porch makes me want to start early.

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Once back home, though, quilting won out over pumpkins and decorating.

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Despite Woody’s interference while I rearranged blocks, I did get this one finished, ready for the quilter. Why is no place safe for a quilt with cats in the house?


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