Game night…..

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How do you spend your Saturday night? My husband, Cary, and I spent ours with friends, cheering on the K-State Wildcats to a victory over the Oklahoma Sooners. Knowing we were going to be there for dinner, I worked earlier in the week on the quilt for a new pattern, getting it ready to stitch the binding on during the game. Our hostess Tracy sat beside me as I sewed and watched tv, snapping these pics with her iphone.

Honestly, I thought sewing over there would give me a break from the many stray cats that have adopted us and taken over our home. If I pull out needle and thread, they practically line up to be in my way. Lo and behold, turns out cats aren't the only quilt-loving animals. Tracy's little dog, CoCo, likes quilts, too!

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What a sweetie! There really is something warm and wonderful about a quilt, huh?

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