I love it. Well, that is, I love it when I'm snuggled safe and sound at home, listening to the drops pattering on the roof. I like looking outside when it's coming down and everything is shadowed and overcast, bringing with it the urge to sew and cook.

Rain makes me feel quite domestic….when I'm at home.

But there is another side to rain. That would be the one like tonight, when I don't know it's expected, and I walk outside from work near midnight, and I have to drive home in it.  I don't mind a small rain, but this was a blinding downpour, add to which the wind was blowing probably 40-50mph and just to make things more interesting huge flashes of lightning kept occurring every few minutes.

I'm finally home. Yep. Yucky driving weather and I do not get along. It leads to this.  You know. For medicinal purposes to steady my nerves.


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