Just a blur……

That was my summer. A blur. What about you? I vaguely remembering packing my bags and heading to Kansas City to visit quilt market for the first time (more on that in a later, catch up post), but somewhere that memory got lost among summer projects along with any blogging!

We had some rooms remodeled in the house, had a lot of overgrown flower beds stripped to bare earth (that's still a work in progress), took some short trips…I can't even remember all of it. Swoosh! It really is just a blur.

I have managed to get some quilting done, however, and will have new patterns ready soon.  Two of them are ready to be sent to the quilter, some are back and the instructions need tweaked and the pictures taken after I finish binding. As usual, the cats are always there to help with my work.

image from flickr.com
image from flickr.com
I'll be back soon with more updates!


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