It's been a lovely week, beginning Monday with my birthday and a surprise arrival of the newest issue of Irish Quilting Magazine which includes a feature about Out of the Blue. Wooo hooo! Naturally, I had to take it to work that day and show everyone I know, most of whom do not quilt and probably weren't as suitably impressed as I thought they should be. Just one of the drawbacks of being a manager in the aircraft industry, huh?

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The day got even better if that was possible when I received hand-picked roses from a coworker….I'm crazy for flowers and color. These actually stayed fresh on my desk for several days.

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Birthday week (because who can handle having only one day to celebrate?) continued with wonderful gifts and greetings from friends and family.  I wish I had saved the message left on my cell phone from my brother, Major, and his family.  Across the years, the four of them have left me purposely off key renditions of Happy Birthday on my messages. It's nearly painful to listen to….dang! I should have saved it and publicized it here.  Next year….

My last gift arrived today, from my in-laws, Jimmie and Genevieve.  They spoil us rotten and my mother-in-law picks out the most perfect gifts.  I returned home this afternoon, having dropped off a quilt with my quilter.  It's for my newest pattern, and has a matching table runner, which I will quilt myself, here at home.  I had the runner stretched out across the dining room chair as I opened my gift.  The first two items out of the bag had me squealing for joy! Look at these, with the runner in the background. What a perfect match! Definitely have to work them into the pattern cover when ready to photograph.

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Mmmm…….wonderful week.  Maybe I should have a birthday month? I need some new flowers on the desk…..

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  1. Wow…Genevieve outdid herself? Congrats on your publication…can’t wait to see it in person. Luv.

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