This is one of the things that causes me sewing delays…..Woodrow. 

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I've actually got three different, no, scratch that, four different quilt projects going on at the moment. This evening, looking at my sewing room, the clutter and turmoil was too much, so I cleaned a bit.

Breath a sigh of contentment. It's always so much nicer to work in a clean space. Woodrow, fondly nicknamed Woody, obviously feels the same, as he came to join me, choosing his usual spot on the cutting table. You would think with the HUGE portion of the cutting table I cleared for him he would be happy, but as usual, he goes straight for the one spot where I have piled all my work.

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Seriously, I had already moved him to the yellow mat once, dragging a remnant clipping from the trash can to entice him to stay there and play. Then I turn around and find him as pictured. If that wasn't bad enough, then he discovered the pins buried below him. I found him scraping them from the magnetic holder and actually trying to eat one! At that point, it was time for both of us to take a break and come up here and blog a bit with a cup of tea.

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You have to admit, though…….it's hard to say no to this face.

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