Dresden progress


Dresden Plates in progress!

I could swear it was just a couple weeks ago that I made the decision to do the Scrappy Plate Club at Bunny Hill Designs. Wasn't it? Where has the time gone? As I get each of the club email updates, I love all the beautiful blocks popping up on Anne's blog as well as her Flickr group.  I admit it. I'm jealous….and not nearly as productive as some!

That's not to say I haven't been working. Considering I started with the pile of scraps below, I'm rather pleased with the results, thus far.

My scrap heap!

I had never made a Dresden Plate before; they are quite addictive. Before starting, I ordered my ruler but was too impatient to wait for its arrival. After some figuring with pad and pen, I started cutting blades that first weekend. I pulled different lengths of scraps from the laundry basket above, pressed, layered and cut them to 4-inch widths.


Marking where to cut the blades

Stacked scraps cut to 4" widths and marked for cutting


 Next came cutting…………

Cut blades apart

……….then there was sewing……..

Chain piecing the blades

And at this point, I think things went a little crazy and that's where I sidetracked. I mean, I was making so much use out of my big scraps of fabric, next thing I knew I found myself looking at this.

Trash can contents get put to use!
Uh huh. You guessed it. I'm almost embarrassed to show you. That's the bottom of my trash can. But afterall, look at all that fabric! Next thing I knew, this was happening.

.....math.....I hate math.......!
And then it got really crazy, because I found myself completely entranced by these teensy weensy blades!


Mini Dresdens....better than Hersheys.
They were so tiny and cute! What to do with them? Hmmmm………..that's when I started eyeballing an old covered button from one of my grandmother's pillows, tee towels, odd rolls of ribbon.  The ironing board became an embellishment playground.


A kitchen towel in the making?
This is one small glimpse into my world of sidetracked adventures! I'll be back soon to show you where both the miniature and regular blades have progressed to today. Oh! And if anyone would like a tutorial for how I did my blade measurements prior to the ruler arrival (which I really do love my ruler!) or for the smaller Dresden Plates, let me know.  I could post that here.


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