Friday fix….

How do you get yours? Today, I got mine with stripes. Yummy stripes.

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And all because Charlotte, who owns my favorite shop, had a birthday and is such a sweetie she gave her customers the gift! An extra 10% on their Shopper Card discounts! Woo hoo!! Thank you, Charlotte! Offer me 30% off, and you know I'm there!

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I had no clue what I wanted when I walked in, but after she showed off her in process Michael Miller Big Stripe Hexagon quilt (free pattern download here), that got me started.

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I left her to cut my fabric and managed to find several other goodies to bring home, as well. Off to the sewing room to start playing. Have a great weekend!

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p.s. I did leave a few yards of that stripe fabric.  If you give her a call, you might be able to get some.

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