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Such an awesome week to report! Went to WW yesterday and lost 1.8 pounds. I'm trying for two pounds each week, but factoring in 4th of July celebrations, reunions, barbecues and cocktails, I'm pleased. Tried to spend a little less time on the patio and more time tracking points. I'm really good at the first item…..not so good on the second. Did discover it takes nearly a cup (25 grams) to reach one point for Reddi Wip fat free whip topping in a can. Yum!

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My husband Cary was a big help through the weekend. Last week I purchased a Nike Fuelband that allows me to set daily activity point goals. More about that on a later post. I set my daily goal at 3000 points. Twice through the weekend he went walking with me, late in the evening, because I hadn't hit my points and helped me reach them. He also gave me a lesson on chin-ups as we walked past the playground, something I want to learn to do and can't even come close to yet.

I've been sticking to my C25K running. Even though I completed the 8 week program, I'm far from perfecting my attempt to run three miles without stopping. I'll get there, though. image from www.flickr.comI have 12 weeks until the 5K I plan to run with friends and family in October. Exercise seems to be a key thing for me in the weight loss journey. The problem is that the more I do it, the more I want to do. Makes it difficult to find time to sew when I'm running at 6am, doing laps at the city pool at noon, water aerobics at 6pm and then, last night I skipped the aerobics to try my first hot yoga class and I loved it!!!

I went to WW first for my weigh in, then on to yoga and let me tell you…it is hot (as in 90+degrees hot)! I have never sweat that much in my life. Definitely a good idea that I hadn't put on makeup, because it would have been off my face and it a small puddle on my mat by the end of class! I was wanting a before and after pic of my first class but the "drowned rat" image wasn't something I really wanted to remember, lol!

Hope everyone has a successful week….Namaste!



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