New Blog Design!

New Blog Design │Out of the Blue Quilts by Sondra Davison
Holy cow.

I’ve gone and done something crazy.

I made over my entire web site.

(And my world didn’t come crashing down…although there were several times it came close during the past 72 hours.)

My first blog post was in October 2011.  I didn’t know anything about blogging, just that everyone kept telling me I needed one since I had a business in the creative field.  It was a difficult start. I spent more time on the computer than I did in my sewing room.

By 2014, I felt the old blog needed a facelift, so I took a WordPress class on Creative Live and built a new web site. Writing this, right now, this minute, I realize that I must have a need for change every three years, because here we are again with a new web site.

It’s either that or it could be this:

New Blog Design │Out of the Blue Quilts by Sondra Davison

I  started  cleaning out my sewing scrap basket. I don’t remember if that was Friday or Saturday. (I’m in a bit a cyber haze on this side of the screen). This is a perfect example of how to avoid organizing your sewing room….just rebuild a web site.

So, there you have it, if you’ve been wondering why you got that big blue screen during the past few days every time you tried to come to this site.  There are still a few kinks to work out and some additional pages to add. I still planning to do a gallery page for each of the Fat Quarter Shop Quilt Alongs I’ve participated in the past three years. Those pages will look similar to my Pinterest pages for each Quilt Along, and will include links for downloadable PDFs, making everything easier for you to find in one place. Until then, you can access all the posts for each Quilt Along through the drop down menu located under Sew Alongs on the page menu at the top of this page.

Because this blog has an entirely different layout design than my old one, I had several posts where the pictures were showing as broken links. I think I’ve fixed most, but if you spot one, don’t hesitate to sent me a note or leave a comment, so I can get it fixed.

Whew!  Okay, we survived day one.  After you look around today, come back soon to see additional changes!

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