New baby (a.k.a. web site and blog) !!!


{ Creative Brain }

Creative: that’s how I like my brain to feel. Oh! And neat and orderly. It makes me feel balanced. Full of happy thoughts. Happy pictures. Happy projects going together sooooooo smoothly, it makes me want to purr. When my brain feels like this, my life is balanced. The house is clean, patterns are being made, quilts are being sewn and all is happy, happy, happy! Love feeling like that. Then there is today…….. fried computer brain!


 { Compture Computer Brain }

Welcome to my NEW WEB SITE AND BLOG! Conceiving and bringing this baby into the world is the closest thing I have ever done to giving birth, and let me tell you……it was ten days of intense, hard labor that I hope never to repeat, but she is beautiful, if I do say so myself! Born at 10:41 this morning, I now believe she was worth all the work. She behaves beautifully, with only the teensy, tiniest bit of fussiness, and my happy thoughts are beginning to resurface.

There are still a lot of tweaks and touches before everything will be complete, but I couldn’t wait to show her off. Take a look around, offer suggestions (oohs and ahhs are optional, but appreciated), and I’ll be back soon to tell you more. Right now, I need to find balance in some other areas of my life… removing all the little muddy paw prints I noticed earlier on the floor behind me, get groceries before we’re living on cereal three meals a day…but more importantly, do some sewing!



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