Merry Christmas to all…

Ho! Ho! Ho! I wonder how many of you are still up at this moment, finishing the last stitches on bindings, ironing finished projects, wrapping them?

I'm done with gifts for another season, many of them being test models for new patterns. Normally I don't show previews, but after months of working on new designs, I couldn't resist showing a few (more still to come). PDF patterns will be available on these by year end, with printed patterns a little further out.  A pair of these Fat Quarter Placemats graced my table the past month, and I love them! 

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It's especially nice that I will be able to flip them over to the reverse side when the holiday is over to these:

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I really am in love with pattern. So simple and quick, and I've made more but have to wait to share those as they're Christmas gifts for others! I've been working on a lot designs made for the busy quilters. This is another favorite, the As You Wish quilt.

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Strange story behind this one. This wasn't the original quilt made for the cover. It wasn't even the original applique design. I'll show those later this week, as they're still included in the pattern. This particular quilt was inspired (and commissioned) by a college buddy. One of his favorite movies is The Princess Bride, an 80's film full of pirates, humor and romance…and the following line:

That day, she was amazed to discover that when he was saying "As You Wish," what he meant was "I love you." And even more amazing was the day she realized she truly loved him back. (insert deep, sappy sigh of a romantic heart here)

Needless to say, when my friend wanted a quilt with that expression to give his wife for Christmas, how could I say no? Every woman deserves an As You Wish quilt. At the moment, this is my favorite pattern. They go together quickly, using half-yard cuts and fat quarters. Each word is a single applique to cut out, so the positioning and cutting went quick. 
I just realized the time……I'll be back this week with more pics and information, but I'd better sign off or Santa may skip over our house! Have a blessed Christmas and holiday season. 

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