Making beer bread

Homemade beer bread

Bertha (my longarm quilting machine I introduced you to in my last post) and I are taking a break from each other today. Did I happen to mention my studio in the back yard, while handy, is not air-conditioned? It’s 90 degrees outside, and I’m a wimp. One should not sweat while quilting. I think it’s in the commandments. If it’s not, it should be.

So, I’m sewing inside, and I took a break to make a loaf of beer bread. Truth be told, I was straightening my sewing room (which is never fun) and suddenly felt I had to make a fresh batch of bread, as I had finished off the last piece from the last loaf last night. Beer bread is great to serve alongside a salad, which I seem to eat a lot during the summer. If you don’t know how to make it, trust me…nothing could be easier or more delicious!

I made a recipe card of my version, so you can either right click and print it, or pin it to your Pinterest board. Depending on what beer you use, it will change the flavor ever so slightly. Normally I use my husband Cary’s Bud Light, but today I found some we had bought and ended up not really liking.  It was a “raspberry” beer and the flavor is different but still really good! Experiment and see what you like.


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