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Christmas in Kansas. That’s what last Monday felt like when the mail arrived. Oh my gosh! Look at all of this!!!

instagram bandcdreamminiswap | Out of the Blue Quilts

If that wasn’t already beyond exciting (which it was!!), everything just got better as I pulled be-ribboned, cellophaned packages out of the box! I swear I could hear the faint “ho, ho, ho” of Santa echoing in the house.

instagram bandcdreamminiswap | Out of the Blue Quilts

I have never participated in an instagram quilt swap before. I was expecting a mini quilt. Never did I dream that all of this would arrive. The #bandcdreamminiswap was organized by @cc.quilts, and each participant chose three patterns, one of which would be created from Moda fabric, designed by mother/daughter team Bonnie and Camille (that’s the B and C in the Dream Mini Swap). Among my choices was Mini Stitch by Fig Tree & Co. My partner @sewnettiesew outdid herself. Just look! (and keep scrolling, because you’ll want to see what’s on the other side of that backing fabric underneath all the “extras”)…

instagram bandcdreamminiswap | Out of the Blue Quilts

First, there was Vintage McCalls card, followed by a coordinating notebook. I have never seen these before and did a little swooning on the spot! Then came the most adorable little bag with a Little Stitch block on it, and how cute is the matching zipper pull? Inside the bag is where I found my notepad and those super sweet, green embroidery scissors….anyone besides me have a fetish over cute sewing tools??

instagram bandcdreamminiswap | Out of the Blue Quilts

Then the Mini Stitch mug rug. By now, I know a few of you are wishing you’d known about this swap…

instagram bandcdreamminiswap | Out of the Blue Quilts

I was having a lovely mocha and enjoying my mug rug, while working in the sewing room last night. Which now leads to why it took me an entire week before I wrote to show off all this awesomeness from @sewnettiesew…..(drumroll please)……

instagram bandcdreamminiswap | Out of the Blue Quilts

I had to rearrange an entire wall of my sewing room and didn’t have time until the weekend! I want to enjoy my Mini Stitch quilt every day. Love it!  In the lower left corner is the quilt label that was included. It was so sweet, I pinned it to the front of the quilt rather than iron and hide it on the back. So special!

instagram bandcdreamminiswap | Out of the Blue Quilts

It’s hard to stop and not add dozens more pictures (yes, I took dozens)! However, if I don’t another week will pass, so I’ll end by saying if you’re not on Instagram, there is so much inspiration out there, not to mention all these other fun activities, so check it out. Start with a search of some of the hashtags from this swap: #bandcdreamminiswap or #dreamminiswapteamkristen, or check out some of those participating: our team captain @heartfullyhandmade, @sewnettiesew, @sondradavison, @cc.quilts. Happy instagramming!



  1. Absolutely love your display! I’m going to check these swaps out. Also, wondering where you purchased the white cabinet? Appreciate your reply in advance!

    1. Thank you! I bought the cabinet at Pottery Barn (online) several years ago and love it! I’ve seen similar ones since then at Kohls, Michaels and Target.

  2. Wow Sondra,
    Annette outdid herself. Love everything. Would love to participate in a swap sometime. 🙂 All the fabric is swoon worthy and the details! I know these will be treasured for a lifetime. Love that she made you a label too. Of course we want a label 🙂 Enjoy your holidays. I am participating in a Fig Tree Block of the month by Joanna, but for the life of me right now cannot remember which one, lol. I love all Bonnie & Camille and Fig Tree are my favorites. Kate Spain, Lori Holt, etc…my every growing swoon list! Have a nice holiday and Merry Christmas. Thanks again for all the minis to the Snapshot. I have to do the back for my Snapshots next. Over winter break I hope to start the minis. Chris from Texas

    1. Dear Chris from Texas,
      I love hearing from you and all you’re doing! Annette really did do an awesome job, didn’t she? My holidays look like they’re going to be packed with sewing if I don’t hurry up on my last minute Christmas presents. Why do I wait so long every year?? I’m glad you enjoyed the minis and definitely want to know your progress. I hope you’ll be doing the Crossroads Quilt-Along with us in 2016. Merry Christmas to you and happy sewing!

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