30 Days of Lists 1-5

This month I started a new project….

image from flic.kr

….and I love it! Each day, we receive a topic to write about and make a list. Some topics are simple, but others have been pretty thought provoking.  I love scrapbooking but rarely get a chance to do any, so I chose that format for making my lists. Here are a few of the completed pages.

List #5 Things I tend to worry about

image from flic.kr

List #4 Favorite time wasters
image from flic.kr
List #3 Things younger me would like about current me

image from flic.kr
List #2 Projects I’m currently working on

image from flic.kr
List #1 What’s new so far this year

image from flic.kr
More to come!


  1. Thank you! I’ve been working away on some more this evening trying to get caught up. My pages are also digital! I would love to see yours!!

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