Perfect 10 Sampler Quilt Along – Final Week

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We are in the final week of Fat Quarter Shop’s Perfect 10 Sampler Quilt Along! Bad news is, I should be sharing my finished quilt top with you, and this is as far as it got.

Perfect 10 QAL Tree Skirt │ Out of the Blue Quilts

Good news is, I’m going to show you an adorable tree skirt that was shared with me by a quilty Facebook friend. Look how adorable it is!!!!

Perfect 10 QAL Tree Skirt │ Out of the Blue Quilts

So, let me back up a bit and explain why I didn’t finish my quilt as planned. Instead of lovely hours spent quilting on my new Handiquilter longarm, I managed to pinch some nerves in my neck. So, I’ve been playing with these exercise bands instead and hanging out in physical therapy twice a week, when I’d rather be quilting.

exercise bands for physical therapy

I can’t even brag that I injured it during an extra strenuous workout at the gym. Nope. Just woke up this way. Now, I can barely move my neck and arm, and I get the most pain when my arm is elevated about rib level (as in: typing, using a mouse, quilting, sewing….you get the picture). Enough boring, non-quilting talk! Back to the tree skirt!

Perfect 10 QAL Tree Skirt │ Out of the Blue Quilts

Its hard to believe, looking at this beautiful project, this was made from the Cookies ‘n Cream block we did back in week four. Here is my finished block from then.

Perfect 10 QAL Week 4 │ Out of the Blue QuiltsHonestly, I had to look at this several times to see the blocks in the tree skirt.

Perfect 10 QAL Tree Skirt │ Out of the Blue Quilts

The tree skirt was made by Sheri Bing (instagram @sheribing33) as a gift to her cousin Ellen and then the two of them shared pictures with me. Sheri provided the “before” pics, and Ellen took “after” photos around the Christmas tree. Just beautiful!

The skirt uses nine blocks total: (8) Cookies ‘n Cream blocks and one solid square for the center. Three Cookies ‘n Cream blocks each make up Rows 1 and 3, with two blocks surrounding the solid fabric square to make the center row.

Sheri cut and removed a square from the center block, then cut a slit from the center to the outer edge, down the center of one block, to create an opening.

She used a June Tailor Fancy Frame Decorative Quilt Border ruler to trim and soften the outside edges of the tree skirt.

June Tailor Fancy Frame Decorative Quilt Borders

And then she bound the entire thing and met with final approval from her cats, Stella and Garfield, who seemed to think this had been created just for them!!

Perfect 10 QAL Tree Skirt │ Out of the Blue QuiltsEven though I don’t have my quilt ready for you today, I’ll share with you soon, once I’m feeling normal again. If you never did start this quilt along or you’re looking for future project ideas, be sure to check out the Perfect 10 Book  by It’s Sew Emma. Not only does the book feature 16 different quilt patterns, this tree skirt is just another idea of how to use the block designs in smaller projects.


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Perfect 10 QAL Week 1 │ Out of the Blue Quilts

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