Spelling Bee Saturday and Mini Tutorial

Give me an “s!” What’s that stand for? Spelling bees, Saturdays, sew alongs, and today that all rolls into the lower case “s” quilt block for Spelling Bee Saturday and bonus instructions to turn it into a mini quilt or wall hanging!


Spelling Bee Quilt Along │ Out of the Blue Quilts


Every Saturday, Fat Quarter Shop  showcases blocks from Lori Holt’s  The Spelling Bee Book for #SpellingBeeSaturday. This jam packed, spiral-bound book contains complete instructions for 100 letter, number, punctuation and picture blocks in two sizes. There are also tons of pattern instructions, as well as the weekly dose of inspiration from the 40 bloggers sewing along.


Spelling Bee Quilt Along Lower Case s │ Out of the Blue Quilts


I turned my “s” block into a small wall hanging, inspired by Sharon at Lilabelle Lane when she did a similar project using the word create. If you haven’t seen it, click over and check it out. Adorable. It also inspired me to use Bonnie & Camille fabrics to make today’s project. Before I put my scrap basket away, I have every intention of making Lilabelle Lane’s project!


Spelling Bee Lower Case s │ Out of the Blue Quilts


I love buying new fabric, but sometimes it’s fun to pull out the scrap basket and start wandering through it, like rediscovering old friends. These blocks are perfect for scraps, because it doesn’t take much to make one. I did the 6″ finished size blocks for my project. My scraps were all Bonnie & Camille for Moda Fabrics.  The background is one of my favorites that I purchase by the bolt, Bonnie & Camille Basics Ruby Cream Bliss Dot.


Spelling Bee Lower Case s │ Out of the Blue Quilts


That “s” block looked pretty forlorn on it’s own. Soon, it was joined by an “e” and a “w.”


Spelling Bee Lower Case s │ Out of the Blue Quilts


My finished size requirements were dictated by this book shelf. I wanted something that would be pretty, inspirational, and visible from my sewing area. The side of this shelf was the spot, sitting next to the old steel desk I use as a sewing station.


Spelling Bee Lower Case s │ Out of the Blue Quilts


I used my Quilters Perfect 5 Count Stick Klips to hang this.


Spelling Bee Lower Case s │ Out of the Blue Quilts


You can see one of them in the pic below, top right (next to the big hole that previously had been drilled in the book shelf).


Spelling Bee Quilt Along Lower Case s │ Out of the Blue Quilts


I love them and have now used all that I have. My first package came in a FQS Sew Sampler box, a nice way to sample things you might not normally buy. Like these klips. Now they’re a must-have, especially as I have concrete walls in my basement, so it’s not like I can put a nail in the wall. Oh, and I just realized! These are on sale right now!


Spelling Bee Quilt Along Lower Case s │ Out of the Blue Quilts


Sew Wall Hanging Tutorial

Finished Size: 10½” x 23½”


Background Fabric for Letters (white)
A.  Cut Four (4) – 1″ x 6½” rectangles
B.  Cut One (1) – 2½” x 5½” rectangle
Background Inner Side Borders Fabric (white)
C.  Cut Two (2) – 1¼” x 20½” rectangles
Border Fabric (red)
D.  Cut Two (2) – 2¼” x 10½’ rectangles
E.  Cut Two (2) – 2¼” x 20½” rectangles
You will also need: 
12½” x 25½” Backing Fabric
12½” x 25½” Batting 
80″ binding (2 strips, 2¼” x WOF)


  1.  Sew an A rectangle to either side of Blocks S and E.
  2.  Sew a B rectangle to bottom edge of Block W.
  3.  Sew the three blocks together to form the word “sew.”
  4.  Sew a C rectangle to either side of SEW block.
  5.  Sew a D rectangle to either side C rectangle, the outside edges of SEW block.
  6.  Sew an E rectangle to top and bottom of SEW block.
  7. Layer and quilt as desired. Bind.


There are 40 quilting bloggers sewing along. Each week, two bloggers will share their Spelling Bee blocks with you! Be sure to visit each for details on what they did with their Spelling Bee blocks!

Spelling Bee Sew Along

Check out #SpellingBeeSaturday on Instagram to keep up with the fun and to share your Spelling Bee projects!


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  1. Thank you for sharing your cute wall hanging! I too have a book shelf to the entrance of my sewing corner in the basement – this will look so pretty there! Your wall hanging turned out beautiful – love your fabric choices!

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