Snapshots Quilt-Along Mini Quilt Block 2

Snapshots Quilt-Along Mini Quilt Block 2 │Out of the Blue Quilts
Snapshots Quilt-Along Mini Quilt Block 2 │Out of the Blue Quilts

It’s here, and I ♥ this block so much – so darn cute! I already have ideas for the big block to work into a single project this week, and I can’t wait to get it finished and share. The mini block is adorable, and as usual the instructions were so clear that cutting and assembling both blocks took less than a couple hours. True story. I have the instagram photos here for proof; check the times.

Snapshots Quilt-Along Mini Quilt Block 2 │Out of the Blue Quilts

Looking at my pictures, I realize I forgot to take one of my preparation process, and I promise to do that next month. When so many pieces are involved, it’s nice to work with a design board (one of my cardboard versions shown here), but what is even nicer is to have everything labeled….Yes, that would be the picture I forgot to take.  The Fat Quarter Shop writes patterns so clearly, numbering and lettering each piece. When I first saw their Alphabitties, I remember wondering why anyone would need those. HAH! These are so awesome! I had forgot about them until a member of our Snapshots Facebook group mentioned how smoothly her block went together using them. She is right! Love, love, love!

I don’t know how I can stand waiting the entire year to finish this quilt, but it will be worth it. I have a pretty good idea where I will hang my mini Snapshots when finished. I wonder what all of you will be doing with yours?

Snapshots Quilt-Along Mini Quilt Block 2 │Out of the Blue Quilts

Can you see how small this block is? Look at the buttons next to it, to get an idea. It has 33 pieces in it! When you’re assembling, even though some of the pieces are only ¾-inch wide, everything will fit, but if you’re feeling like your block is getting bulky under those seams, feel free to trim a bit. There are no seam-allowance police. If there are, they didn’t stop by my place at 2am when I was snipping away. I only had one time when I did this, and it was on page 2, when I was assembling fabric pieces K, 6 and I together.

And now, here are your measurements for Snapshot Quilt-Along Block 2 “Sew On & Sew On.” Again, I want to thank the Fat Quarter Shop for providing such a lovely project that benefits the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. They have already surpassed their original $10,000 goal and now are reaching to double that amount!

Snapshots Quilt-Along Mini Quilt Block 2 │Out of the Blue Quilts


15 thoughts on “Snapshots Quilt-Along Mini Quilt Block 2

  1. I have a question about the measurements for the mini block sew on & sew on. Letter X, you wrote 1 X 1.5, did you mean 1 X 1 1/2. Please let me know because I really want to do this block. Thank you, Cathy.

    1. Oh my goodness! Yes, it is 1″ x 1½”. I missed that – thanks, Cathy! I write my personal notes with decimal points then transcribe them to fractions for everyone else. Darn it!

    1. Hi Lisa – I’m sorry, but I don’t know the answer to that. I’m making my blocks from scraps, not from the kit, but I do know that the mini wasn’t planned for when the kit was created, so I’m not sure I’d chance it without contacting the Fat Quarter Shop and asking them if there is excess fabric provided in the kit. Since I already had collected so many previous Bonnie & Camille Moda fabric bundles, I thought this would be a good time to use some!

  2. I am late to this game but to answer a previous question, YES! There is plenty of fabric in the kit to make the mini version along with the large blocks.

  3. I am trying to locate all of yourSnapshots mini blocks… I believe I have 4-5 different ones. I was following along quite well with you, but then I lost all my info except for 1 saved mini snapshot & was able to get your name from that. If you could help me, I would be grateful. Thank you for your hard work on the mini blocks…

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